Amesco is derived from five generations of trade in Commodities.

The history originates in the 1900s when the family started trading copper. The beginning of the oil era in the 1920s created a massive import boom into the Persian Gulf resulting in a diversification into trade of consumer goods and construction steel. As a result the company grew internationally with offices in Germany, Japan and Singapore. The 1950s saw rapidly growing regional investment in exploration and industrial development. This further fuelled Amesco’s trade in bulk commodities and investment in storage and distribution.

With the opening up of markets in the Former Soviet Union in the early 1990s the company added a crucial source of supplies to its traditional destination markets. The company opened offices in Moscow and other parts of the CIS and started investment in logistics and transport in the steel sector.


Over the past 110 years the company has grown into an international trading house active in physical trade, transport, finance and investment.


Amesco trades industrial volumes of steel making raw materials and semi finished steel. Today, the company is active in Europe, the CIS, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. It operates through offices and representatives in Dubai, Moscow, Astrakhan, Ashgabat and Istanbul. Since the inception of operations the company has remained privately owned.