We handle the complete spectrum of steel trade.

Amesco enjoys a diversified trading portfolio, with access to some of the largest steel producers in the world, providing a strong basis of origination, combined with key relationships with final off-takers. Starting from the sourcing mill, the company is equipped to facilitate all aspects of logistics, with an in-house team that handles the entire flow of in-land transport and ocean transport, all the way through to our clients.

Our trading strategy is composed of three key elements:

  1. Match the requirements of steel rolling mills for semi-finished products with the capacity of steel producers. This requires a broad basis of origination and destination markets. This trade has a long-term character and provides the fundament of our business.

  2. Trade on spot opportunities that present themselves throughout the cycles of the market. This trade has a short-term character and requires a broad basis of clients in different markets combined with the flexibility and responsiveness of our logistics and trading teams.

  3. Break bulk cargos of finished product for re-rolling mills, wholesale distributors and local traders.